2015 Australian SUP Titles

The 2015 Toyota Australian SUP titles have kicked off on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with the best and brightest competitors from all around Australia convening at the famous Currumbin Alley surf break. The weeklong event runs from Sunday, 11 October until Thursday, 15 October and hosts a field of national and international titleholders where they are expecting fantastic SUP riding weather and water.

The titles are split into four categories consisting of surf, technical, marathon and community.

Surf:  Without doubt the glamour event of the SUP world, where athletes perform tricks on waves, and are awarded points just like any other surf event. This year the surf events will be held at the beginning of the event so grab your board and get down there to see some fantastic aerial stunts.

Technical: Is a lot like a surf life saving race where competitors start on the beach and must paddle around the marked course and return to shore in the standing position and run to the finish line. The first across the line takes all!

Marathon: SUP riders are subject to a 20km course where the fittest survive, and the weak perish.. or simply swim to shore. This truly is a test of both physical and mental discipline with race time well over 1.5 hours!

Community: The community challenge is a short course race that can be entered by the more relaxed competitor and is done in a team situation. Teams compete in a modified technical course that has check points for change overs and is a great way to finish the titles on Wednesday.

For more information, hit up the SUP titles website at: australiansuptitles.com

Best of luck to the competitors and we hope to see you there.
Team Ripple

May 06, 2022 — Matt Roberts