Maintaining Your SUP

Learn how to best look after your board, both in and out of the water

You can rest a-shore that Ripple Boards are well-made, durable and
constructed from quality materials, but of course everything lasts longer with proper maintenance and care. For more information on how to properly care for your Ripple Board, please see below!

Transporting your Ripple Board

To ensure your board is being transported safely, we strongly recommend getting padding for your roof racks. Similarly, purchasing a cover for your board from us will ensure that extra bit of protection.

Your Ripple Board should be strapped to your roof racks upside down to ensure that the fin isn’t being damaged during transportation.

Furthermore, ensure your strapping is done correctly, using flat straps rather than rope.

Ensure that you are taking care loading and unloading your board, particularly in windy weather.

Using your Ripple Board

Ensure that you aren’t putting yourself (most importantly) or your board at danger by paddling into/closely over rocks or coral as the bottom of the board and fin can get heavily damaged from this. Similarly,
any collisions with other boards will cause damage to the board (and potentially yourself/others).

To ensure your board will last a lifetime, wash with fresh water after every use, avoid leaving the board under the sun for long periods of time (including when in it’s the bag – the bag can cause heat damage to the board), and don’t leave the deck/traction pad facing
in the sun when not in use.

Storing your Ripple Board

It is important to that you do not store your board in your bag when the board or bag is damp. Your Ripple Board will look and feel its best when it is stored in a dry and cool place – we usually
store ours in our shed!

Damaged boards

Damage in Water

If your Ripple Board has been damaged while you’re in the water, remove the board from the water immediately. Ensure you rinse it with fresh water and dry completely before attempting to repair it.

Minor scratches and chips

We advise you to purchase Epoxy Resin which is sold in most surf shops.

Larger damage

Repair using a fibreglass repair kit sold in most surf shops. If the issue is serious, we highly recommend taking it to a professional.