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Our boards are designed in alignment with creating a brand and product you can trust. To us, the production and quality is absolutely paramount – a direct extension of what we stand for.

Most companies construct their boards with just two layers of fibreglass, a method used to cut costs and production times. We take the extra step in adding a third layer on the deck to reduce compression dings, as well as a third layer around the fins for rigidity. On top of this, we use 4 layers of fibreglass on the rails to reduce the chance of cracking and core water damage that occurs from impact. Finally our boards are painted and varnished twice, then polished 4-5 times to ensure a smooth, professional finish.

Any board will perish if not properly looked after, but with appropriate care taken, Ripple Boards is a lifestyle that will last endless adventures out on
the water.

See our After Care page to learn how you can best look after your board.